The Many Benefits of Home School Education

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According to a press release in the year 2015, 6 out of 10 American teenagers witness bullying once or several times in a day. Students subjected to bullying turn out to be socially withdrawn even in their adult years while others simply hate school as a result hence poor academic achievements.

Homeschooling is and has been in existence for many years now. It is a practice that took form in the early 1700’s and has gained popularity in the modern world. At the beginning, parents were simply forced into it because plantations were set apart from each others and taking their kids to school meant walking unreasonably long distances every single day.

Today, parents are opting to homeschool their children due to personal reasons that benefit both the child and the parents. However, before diving into homeschool for your child, there are some mandatory requirements that you should adhere to.

Laws and RequirementsHome school laws

Did you there are laws set out in regards to homeschool? Yes, there are. This was after a long debate that argued that homeschooling kids can bear both positive and negative implications in children. In this case, it is advisable to refer to your specific country’s laws and requirements in regards to homeschooling your children. Not everyone qualifies to do so. Failure to comply to the set rules might lead to an arrest or heavy penalization

Make A Plan

homeschooling planBefore doing anything major such as pulling your child out of school and opting to teach them at home, you need to thoroughly think things through. If indeed, pulling them out of school is the best option, figure out whether you all need a period of de-schooling. This is important because it may give all of you a chance to adjust and figure out where to start.

Take the time to figure out whether your relationship with your kids is perfect and if your parenting skills need a brush-up. This is also the perfect opportunity to catch up the education requirements and be conversant with what your child should be learning at their age. If the program seems hectic, you can opt to hire a tutor to be homeschooling your kids.

It is also important at this point to sharpen your goals in regards to homeschool. What is it that you want to achieve by homeschooling your kids? If you look at it from the end goal point of view, you will be able to figure out the steps to get you there.

Homeschool programs offer a lot of flexibility as you do not have to follow a particular program or go with any school’s curriculum.You are at liberty to create a schedule that works for you and your child. However, you need to learn how to make a homeschool schedule for optimal efficiency.

Fill in the Gaps

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Finally, you need to ask yourself some serious questions and fill in the gaps. This will kick start your journey as you figure out the basic essentials that are needed to get the ball rolling. Remember, this involved your child so you need to be very sure that it is the right decision for them as well. You should ask yourself the following questions:

  • Can I actually do this?
  • How many hours do I need to homeschool per day?
  • Should I use a curriculum?
  • How much is it going to cost me?

Benefits of Homeschooling

Just like private and public schooled kids, homeschooled children are just as good if not better. Actually, research shows that homeschooled children are far much better academically than their public and private schooled peers.

Safetyschool safety

It is no secret that schools have nowadays become so dangerous. There have been numerous cases of children stabbing and even shooting their peers at school. Others terrorize their teachers and yet face no disciplinary repercussions. When the children from disciplined backgrounds are exposed to this, they become traumatized and it may affect them psychologically. On the other hand, bullying has become so rampant in schools nowadays. The most targeted kids are the smart ones, the physically challenged. This behavior traumatizes the students and puts them in danger every single day. There have been cases of young kids committing suicide after being continuously bullied in school. Others suffer from broken limbs and bruised bodies which are not acceptable at all.

Less exposure to Negative Influences

Peer pressure is a serious issue that school going children have to deal with. There are more cases today of students smoking, drinking and even having sex in schools than ever before. This all comes as a result of peer pressure and the pressure to match up to what the popular kids are doing.

Emotional Benefitshappy school children

Most children experience a drift between them and their parents when they attain the age of school going. These
children might, in turn, act out in retaliation and even pick up bad behaviors such as tantrums solely for the purpose of demanding attention from their parents. On the other hand, home schooled kids get their parent’s attention as much as they want. This practice is also known to tighten the parent-child relationship. It highly contributes the a healthy upbringing of the child and most importantly, emotional satisfaction.

Better Preparation for the Real World

Think about it this way; where will you ever be in the same environment with people your own age in the future?Office settings include people as old as your parents and some younger than you are. In universities, you will need to mingle with people of all ages in class. The homeschool setting facilitates this more than public or private school settings do. At home, the child gets a chance to mingle with their parents as well as siblings who are all of the different ages. They learn how to mingle and communicate with each other hence becoming sociable in the future.

Homeschooling your child is a great idea and option if only you are well prepared for it. If you are sure that you have all that is needed and most importantly the time to give your child undivided attention then you can actually do this. However, it is important to ensure that you need all the legal requirements in regards to homeschooling.


Learning from Online Education

Below is a great Ted Talk from Daphne Koller, talking about what we are learning from online education vs. traditional education.


Free Online Education


Pros and Cons of Technology in Education

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Since the advent of technology, many sectors of society have been greatly improved. We have seen tremendous breakthrough in the fields of science and medical research. Improved leadership and better corporate governance are yet more fruits of technology. The education sector has not been left behind either. However, opinion has remained divided on whether technology in education is actually a blessing or a curse to this sector. In order to demystify this question, let us look at some of the merits as well as demerits of the use of technology in education.

The Pros

Promotes independent learning

One of the benefits of technology to the education sector is the fact that it promotes independent learning. This is due to the fact that as a result of technology, students can easily access information on anything from the internet as opposed to relying on regular textbooks, or their teachers and parents. The only challenge here is often the credibility of the information source, which technology itself has a way of ensuring.

Prepares students for the future

student preparation

Technology prepares students for the future in a very practical yet interesting manner. Technological evolutions in education are not only the order of the day, but are quite predictable as well. When students learn in a technologically-enabled environment, they can fairly predict the future by studying the patterns by which technological trends emerge. This way, they are better prepared for future challenges, both in their careers as well as their life in general.

Reduces the cost of education

It is common knowledge that through technology, information is more accessible and available in abundance. This means that with time, learners may not require textbooks or other learning resources. This will in effect translate to reduced tuition fees. In a long enough timeline, we may even have the entire education system going virtual; thereby reducing the time spent traveling to lecture rooms.

An exciting teaching tool

Most of us can appreciate the fact that the old model of teaching that relied entirely on textbooks and a blackboard or a whiteboard was quite monotonous for the teachers and boring to the students. Well, thanks to technology, we now have new and more interesting ways to drive the information home, such as the use of audios, graphic images or videos.

technology in the classroom

With technological advances in education, the old model of boring lectures is out and interactive learning is in. It has been studied that technology in learning can increase attention to detail, as as improve focus.

The Cons

Results in lack of interest in studying

Perhaps the greatest down side of technology in the education sector is the fact that it kills the interest to study. Well, this is only logical; as learners are able to access any information even before this information is formally taught in classrooms. This leaves a gap in the learning process as learners feel there is no point in attending classes if whatever they are attending classes for can alternatively be accessed.

Vulnerability to potential pitfalls

For students to fully understand how technology operates, they must invest in extensive learning that imparts skills in them necessary for maximizing the functionalities of a technological device such as a computer. When technical problems occur and students lose their assignments for instance, then the stress that follows may adversely affect the learning experience of such students. Students may also be de-motivated by certain things as slow-internet speeds or technological issues, scared by potential hackers. In addition, the internet does provide many entertainment websites which can distract from the original goal of education.

Negative views

If you happen to give a student a tablet and a text book, chances are they will view the text book as a learning tool and the tablet as an entertainment tool. Unfortunately, this has to do with the general perception of the society, so it may be a little difficult to change. By introducing technology into the education sector fully, we are likely to end up with a generation of students who are too fascinated with the gadgets to realize they are purposed to enhance their education. Worse yet, we may have students who use it to advance their social life at the expense of their academic one.

Raises instructional challenges

technology problems

The introduction of technology in education means we will have to start with our lecturers and tutors, most of whom unfortunately do not have what it takes to adapt to stay abreast with technology. This will mean training them. From a financial and economic point of view, it is just not feasible. In addition, it will take a great deal of patience to convince them to even agree to such training.


As is evident, technology has its advantages as well as disadvantages when it comes to the education sector. Taking a keen look at its pros and cons, it therefore goes without saying that it should be highly encouraged, as the advantages far outweighs the disadvantages.

For more information, check out the following Ted Talk and ask yourself…Can Technology Change Education?